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Welcome to the website of Judo For all UK

This is the official website of Judo For All UK (JFAUK), a new organisation established in order to champion and promote Traditional Kodokan Judo, in Britain.

Latest News

  • JFAUK Open Randori: January 2017 +

    JFAUK Open Randori: January 2017

    29th January saw the first JFAUK Open Randori of the year take place!

    The event saw a number of judoka, from a variety of different organisations meet, and train together for 3 hours of quality randori.

    These open randoris aim to be held every few months, enabling judoka a regular opportunity to train and integrate

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  • 2016 End of Year Report +

    2016 End of Year Report

    Founded in January 2011, JFAUK aims to re-ignite traditional judo in the United Kingdom, a landscape whereby bureaucratic and sport focused ideologies have changed modern judo into something that is barely recognizable. JFAUK provides a lifeline that preserves the vital values held in traditional judo, focusing on clean, upright judo, the allowance of leg grabs,

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  • JFAUK National Championships 2016 +

    JFAUK National Championships 2016

    The JFAUK National Championships took place Sunday 6th November 2016. The National Championships gave our judoka one final chance to test themselves and establish themselves as #1 in their category before the Christmas period.

    The championships proved a resounding success as always with fantastic traditional, ippon judo taking place.
    Well done to our newly crowned

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  • London Randori October 2016 +

    London Randori October 2016

    The JFAUK London randori took place on Sunday 16th October and proved to be a great success! The four hour session took place in North London bringing together all members of JFAUK, as well as visitors from other organisations. All students thoroughly enjoyed testing themselves against others in a friendly tournament, providing perfect preparation for

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  • Storrington Championships 2016 +

    Storrington Championships 2016

    Congratulations to all who took part in the Storrington championships this weekend. Storrington Judo Club hosted their first primary and junior championships, as well as a randori session following the event. The day proved to be a fantastic success for the local judo community. Well done to all.

    For more information on Storrington Judo Club

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  • London Ne-Waza Championships 2016 +

    London Ne-Waza Championships 2016

    25th September 2016, saw the JFAUK London Ne-Waza tournament take place. The event proved to be a resounding success with some truly excellent Ne-Waza on display. Thank you to all clubs, coaches and students who attended and made it such an excellent event. A special thank you goes to all officials who helped run this

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  • Scarborough Summer School 2016 +

    Scarborough Summer School 2016

    This bank holiday weekend saw the 2016 JFAUK Scarborough Summer School take place. In its second year since being relocated from the usual Scottish borders, this course proved once again that it is the place to be to learn high quality judo over the summer months.

    On its opening day the course was led by

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  • WJF European Open Championships 2016 +

    WJF European Open Championships 2016

    Relocated from the usual location of Italy - and usual timing of November - the 2016 WJF European Championships and training camp took place in Thessaloniki, Greece between 24th – 26th June.

    With over 17 countries taking part, team JFAUK had a successful time coming away with four gold, one silver and one bronze medal.

    The competition followed

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  • Kenshiro Abbe Senior Cup +

    Kenshiro Abbe Senior Cup

    JFAUK hosted its first Kenshiro Abbe senior Cup in memory of the great judo legend Kenshiro Abbe.

    Abbe's contribution to judo in Europe brings us where we are today. The tournament was supported by competitors from across the UK and across various judo organisations.

    The fundamental emphasis during this contest was on style, movement and

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  • Worthing Invitational Championships +

    Worthing Invitational Championships

    Worthing Judo Club hosted their first Senior Invitational Championships on Sunday 17th April.

    Teams traveled from London, Hertfordshire, Brighton & Kent to participate in the event, representing a variety of organisations.

    The day ran smoothly, on time with high spirits all round and without an injury. The judoka displayed some truly outstanding fighting skills from a

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Coming Events

Izegem Open (U15)

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Ingulmuster International Tournament

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International    |    Belgium

Dan Grading

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JFAUK Nat'l Grading    |    Sobell Dojo

Miyazaki International Cup

Read more Cost: N/A GBP
International    |    Thessaloniki, Greece

Kodokan Judo at its best!


The JFAUK aims to put to practice the concept of mutual respect and adherence to the traditions and teachings of judo building its organisation firmly based on these fundamental principals.

Unleashing Growth

The JFAUK aims to help judo grow by removing all bureaucratic intrusions on the day to day running of judo clubs.

Further we aim to put all our resources to provide all that is necessary to revitalise judo and help its clubs to grow.

Lead by Example

We recognise that all JFAUK members and officers must strictly uphold the judo code of conduct and set a good example for all to follow.

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Structured and Accessable Syllabus For All


Grading Syllabus

Online Workshops

We plan to hold master classes across the UK and also provide detailed teaching tools for instructors and students alike.

Coming Soon!

Video Reference Library

All techniques required for each grading syllabus, are presented in video form for reference. These can be downloaded and used as reference in between training sessions.

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Sensei, a life long student and a teacher!


Judo for all UK believes success lies in the process of development and considers that every member of JFA UK is a student and also a teacher with learning taking principal place through out the process.

The Student & instructor

The student is thus responsible to learn not just for one’s own sake but also in order teach others.

The instructors must also learn how to teach to people of diverse abilities, from different perspectives and also continue to advance their own levels.


Teaching and learning are inseparable components in the process of sharpening one’s ability to learn how to learn. Teacher/students with higher grades are able to appreciate even finer subtlties in things, often over looked in earlier periods.

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JFAUK Features

  • Traditional Judo at it best!
  • Club independence
  • Grade up to Brown Belt
  • Extensive Audio/Video teaching tools
  • Regular workshops
  • Instructors training
  • Insurance with £10million cover
  • No Bureacracy
  • Forward looking and inclusive organisation

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