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JFAUK End of Year Report 2017

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Founded in January 2011, JFAUK has continued efforts to re-ignite traditional judo in the United Kingdom throughout 2017. JFAUK has maintained its position as a lifeline that preserves the vital values held in traditional judo, focusing on clean, upright judo, the allowance of leg grabs, strong encouragement of Ne-Waza as well as promoting judo as an educational platform, rather than solely a competitive one.

2017 replicated the successes of previous years in providing a structural educational and practical opportunities for all judoka to practice traditional Japanese judo, truly embodying the ‘Judo for All’ initiative. The calendar was filled with a spectrum of opportunities for all judoka. From coaching and refereeing qualifications, to kata courses and technical masterclasses, to domestic and international competitive opportunities, all judoka had vast opportunities to undertake development pathways that clearly aligned with their individual goals; with every event being strongly supported.

Internationally, JFAUK continued their integration with the World Judo Federation, participating in events held abroad, such as the Miyazaki Cup and the Matsuura Cup both held in Greece, with both events proving remarkably successful for JFAUK’s Judoka. A major highlight for team JFAUK was the participation in the CSIT World Sport Games 2017 held in Latvia, with team JFAUK coming away with two bronze medal, one 5th place and two 7th place finishes.

JFAUK continued to be invited to various international integration opportunities in Europe, The Americas, Asia and Russia and will be looking to undertake more of these opportunities in the near future, subject to funding.

In 2017 JFAUK saw a significant growth in numbers, especially in the growth of existing JFAUK clubs with many judoka transferring to JFAUK clubs from other governing bodies. This is not only a reflection of the opportunities JFAUK is providing judoka, it is a reflection of each and every JFAUK officer who works tirelessly and is fully committed in the delivery of a structured educational and technical development platform in the everyday running of their clubs.

A further highlight from 2017 was the promotion of 6th Dan to Farid Namouchi Samuel Betu and Bob Bushnell in recognition of their exceptional contribution to judo and the community. JFAUK continues to receive much support and encouragement from judoka across the UK, and across the world. We are excited to begin 2018 which looks to be very promising and fruitful. We would like to thank all officers, clubs and students who continue to support and promote traditional judo under JFAUK.

Thank you for a fantastic 2017, and we cannot wait for 2018.


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