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Sunday, 07 January 2018 09:47

Calendar of Events 2018

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Dear All,

We are currently updating our website and are unable to publish our events list on our existing events page. Therefore, please see the our events calendar below. If you wish to contact us regarding any event in the meantime, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


JFAUK London Area Randori Session

Date: Sunday 28th January, 3:30 pm – 6:30 pm

Location: Sobell Judo Club Dojo

Fee: £10 per person


JFAUK London Area Randori Session

Date: Sunday 25th Feb, 3:30pm – 6:30pm

Location: Sobell Judo Club Dojo

Fee: £10 per person


JFAUK London Open Tournament (Juniors and Seniors)

Date: Sunday 4th March

Location: Sobell Leisure Centre

Fee: £15.00 per person

Booking in: Juniors 9.00am, Seniors 12.00pm


WJF Miyazaki International Cup

Date: 16-19th March

Location: Thessaloniki, Greece

Selected JFAUK Team Only


JFAUK London Area Randori Session

Date: Sunday 25th March, 3:30pm – 6:30pm

Location: Sobell Judo Club Dojo

Fee: £10 per person


JFAUK Ne Waza Tournament (Juniors and Seniors)

Date: Sunday 20th May

Location: Sobell Leisure Centre

Fee: £15.00 per person

Booking in: Juniors 9.00am, Seniors 12.00pm


JFAUK London Area Randori Session

Date: Sunday 3rd June, 3:30pm – 6:30pm

Location: Sobell Judo Club Dojo

Fee: £10 per person


WJF European Championships Date: 22-25th June

Location: Thessaloniki Greece

Selected JFAUK Team Only


JFAUK National Summer Camp

Date: 25-27th August (Dates TBC)

Location: Worthing, Sussex



National Closed Championships (Juniors and Seniors)

Date 7th October

Location: Sobell Leisure Centre

Fee: £16.00 per person

Booking in: Juniors 9.00am, Seniors 12.00pm


JFAUK London Area Randori Session

Date: Sunday 28 th October, 3:30pm – 6:30pm

Location: Sobell Judo Club Dojo

Fee: £10 per person


Please note: events and dates may be altered, removed or added notified throughout the year. You will be notified when this happens. Please ensure you keep an eye on the JFAUK Facebook page ( and your email accounts. On request Kata, Refereeing and Coaching courses will be added.

Saturday, 06 January 2018 20:13

JFAUK End of Year Report 2017

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Founded in January 2011, JFAUK has continued efforts to re-ignite traditional judo in the United Kingdom throughout 2017. JFAUK has maintained its position as a lifeline that preserves the vital values held in traditional judo, focusing on clean, upright judo, the allowance of leg grabs, strong encouragement of Ne-Waza as well as promoting judo as an educational platform, rather than solely a competitive one.

2017 replicated the successes of previous years in providing a structural educational and practical opportunities for all judoka to practice traditional Japanese judo, truly embodying the ‘Judo for All’ initiative. The calendar was filled with a spectrum of opportunities for all judoka. From coaching and refereeing qualifications, to kata courses and technical masterclasses, to domestic and international competitive opportunities, all judoka had vast opportunities to undertake development pathways that clearly aligned with their individual goals; with every event being strongly supported.

Internationally, JFAUK continued their integration with the World Judo Federation, participating in events held abroad, such as the Miyazaki Cup and the Matsuura Cup both held in Greece, with both events proving remarkably successful for JFAUK’s Judoka. A major highlight for team JFAUK was the participation in the CSIT World Sport Games 2017 held in Latvia, with team JFAUK coming away with two bronze medal, one 5th place and two 7th place finishes.

JFAUK continued to be invited to various international integration opportunities in Europe, The Americas, Asia and Russia and will be looking to undertake more of these opportunities in the near future, subject to funding.

In 2017 JFAUK saw a significant growth in numbers, especially in the growth of existing JFAUK clubs with many judoka transferring to JFAUK clubs from other governing bodies. This is not only a reflection of the opportunities JFAUK is providing judoka, it is a reflection of each and every JFAUK officer who works tirelessly and is fully committed in the delivery of a structured educational and technical development platform in the everyday running of their clubs.

A further highlight from 2017 was the promotion of 6th Dan to Farid Namouchi Samuel Betu and Bob Bushnell in recognition of their exceptional contribution to judo and the community. JFAUK continues to receive much support and encouragement from judoka across the UK, and across the world. We are excited to begin 2018 which looks to be very promising and fruitful. We would like to thank all officers, clubs and students who continue to support and promote traditional judo under JFAUK.

Thank you for a fantastic 2017, and we cannot wait for 2018.


Tuesday, 21 November 2017 22:43

JFAUK National Championships 2017

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See the photos here

Congratulations to all who took part in the JFAUK National Championships which took place on Sunday 19th November 2017.

This event concludes the Judo For All UK calendar and saw a number of judoka take to the tatami to test what they have learnt throughout the year in hopes to crown themselves as national championships.

Every contestant was in high spirits and truly left everything they had on the tatami. We would like to congratulate everybody who participated in the competition, as well as all who achieved national medals.

The ruleset implemented by JFAUK and the WJF has once again proved to extract judo from students in its purest form.

Judoka throughout the day were examples of perfect, traditional judo, with a high percentage of contests being won by ippon. Further to this, the transition judo from tachi-waza to ne-waza relentlessly demonstrated by every contestant with all judoka relishing in the opportunity to spend time in ne-waza, allowing them to work into techniques without fear of being stopped unnecessarily. As usual, many techniques such as leg grabs were demonstrated by the judoka. Techniques such as these have been banned by other governing bodies which has resulted in the watering down of judo as a martial art, pushing it further and further away from its roots. We are proud to host competitions and events that allow students to experience true judo in its purest form.

We would like to thank all who took the time to travel to the competition as well as all who assisted with the setting up and running of the competition. 

2017 has been a truly fantastic year for JFAUK with many successes both domestically and internationally. We look forward to 2018 which is looking to be bigger and better than ever.

Sunday, 08 October 2017 15:30

London Ne-Waza Tournament 2017

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Congratulations to everyone who took part in todays London Ne-Waza tournament. Today was a truly superb display of groundwork judo, with plenty of movement, flow and technical excellence across all categories.
The event is certainly growing year on year, with plenty of new clubs sending their judoka to the event. The tournament had judoka from London Clubs Sobell, Budokan, Tokei, New Cross and Manor, Scottish club Dundee Ippon, as well as judoka from Worthing in the South of England, and judoka from Potters bar in Hertfordshire.

Thank you to all judoka who stepped on the tatami as well as all clubs who organised their members and brought them to the event. Finally, thank you to all officials who worked tirelessly setting up, running and taking down the event.

The event is run annually, so keep your eye on the JFAUK Calendar to see when the next one will be!

Sunday, 08 October 2017 15:17

Worthing Summer School 2017

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Watch the video here.

In our second Summer Course of 2017, The Worthing Summer School followed the Borders Summer school and drew 80+ judoka to the south coast for two days of superb judo.

The course was led by JFAUK President Sampson Sampson (8th Dan) who was supported by a variety of high graded judoka such as Mick Leigh (8th Dan), Alan Jones MBE (7th Dan), Farid Nemouchi (6th Dan), Chris Cooper (5th Dan), Samuel Betu (5th Dan) and Rob Elliot (5th Dan).

A key aspect of the course was breaking down techniques and showing how movement and agility exercises play a role in judo development and transform directly into judo techniques. Following this, emphasis was put into randori and competition, showing how techniques work in a more combat oriented environment.

The course was very inspirational fresh with ideas and innovation, and most importantly the course saw judoka from all organisations practice good, traditional judo, integrating with each other without the interference of bureaucracy and politics.

This year we were very pleased to also hold a level one refereeing course which saw 12 judoka take part as well as the opportunity for a Dan Grading.

The Worthing judo course was defiantly entertaining and well received by everyone who attended. A special congratulation goes to Sensei Farid Nemouchi who was awarded his 6th Dan and Robert Elliot who was awarded his 5th Dan. After the judo ceremony, all descended to the coast where a much-needed BBQ beach party was held.

Thank you to all attended and helped to make this course a success. A final thank you to Chris Cooper and Worthing judo club for organising such a wonderful event. A hard act to follow but we now look forward to making this event even bigger and better for next year.

Sunday, 08 October 2017 14:35

Borders Summer School 2017

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The Borders Judo Summer School returned to Innerleithen in August after a 2 year hiatus. And the word is that the course is as good and as enjoyable as it ever was. With numbers at a predictably low level due to it’s temporary absence, there was still enough Judoka coming from Dundee, Edinburgh, Sheffield, Newcastle, Sunderland and Scarborough to make the event lively enough.

And as befitting a course that has previously received the attention of Kodokan 7th Dan, this year’s course was blessed with first class tuition. Led by David Hammond, 5th Dan, the list of instructors was headed up by International Traditional Kodokan Judo President Bruce Bethers, 8th Dan, and included Paul Laverty and Alex Reid, two international kata specialists. The three day event also saw Jason Baird, a now highly experienced international competitor take the tatami.

The Borders Summer School has been running since 2002 and at it’s height had over 60 people on the mat. Always blessed with first class instructors, the event has been notable for it’s relaxed friendly atmosphere and lack of sectarianism, something foisted on Judoka by national leadership of the major national governing bodies. This year, despite edicts being issued to the contrary, there were participants from four organisations on the mat. Smiles all round were evident, as the Judoka retired to the regular watering holes that they had been missing for the previous two years.

The first day of the event opened with David Hammond leading a session that concentrated on body posture, with a look at Ouchi gari in particular. Bruce Bethers quickly added his voice to the proceedings as it became evident that the two instructors had similar concepts of technical judo.

The afternoon session was taken By Jason Baird, while Bruce, who was attending from the United States, took the afternoon off to see some of the sights of this beautiful part of the world. Jason, who has medaled both nationally and internationally at traditional Kodokan judo events, displayed his smooth newaza techniques.
Day two saw more dovetailing judo instruction from Bruce and David, with sode-tsuri komi gosh coming under the spotlight as the two exchanged ideas about the self-defence aspects of Judo. On the Saturday afternoon the mat was handed over to Paul Laverty and Alex Reid. The Borders course has always made room for some kata training and in the past has been fortunate enough to benefit from instruction from world kata champions. This was Paul and Alex’s first time at the course, however and they did not disappoint. With humour and skill they enthused the group with a whistle stop look at both the nage-no-kata and the goshin-jutsu. Hopefully the pair will return next year.

The day was rounded off in the evening when the group gathered in a local pub to relax and chat, with the now famed Borders course humour in full swing.
The third and final day was mostly taken up with preparation for and presentation of a Judo For All UK grading. A number of contests were held, with Sheffield’s Phil Strutt being promoted to 1st kyu, after a gruelling day of fighting. Three other adults managed to attain the grade of 3rd kyu, with a number of youngsters also gaining new grades.

There was still time for some tuition on the Sunday, however. Inevitably with Dave Hammond instructing, a number of shime waza techniques were demonstrated, but before that the warm ups brought a mixture of smiles and grimaces as the boom box came out for the Roxanne burpies and the Moby squats.

This event has been sorely missed over the last two years and with the British Judo Council and others interfering and demanding that their members do not attend, the numbers have been slashed, but the Borders Summer School remains the best non-sectarian judo event in the country. It is back to stay and anybody who wishes to come along and join in the fun will be welcomed.

Wednesday, 09 August 2017 09:01

Judo for Mental Health

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An initiative that has been recognised as “innovation” has been established to support individuals with mental health. Since 2014, Sergeant Paul Squire from Kent Police, together with the Oxleas Health Trust at the Bracton Centre, Kent, have created an initiative that uses judo to support those with mental health. The Bracton Centre is a medium secure mental hospital, supporting individuals with mental health.The concept is to use the spirit of judo to support a fitness regime, the development of skill and co-ordination, the de-stigmatisation of mental health and the removal of barriers between the police and those suffering with mental health. Over twenty service users have experienced the sport of judo and have developed enhanced skills of co-ordination and fitness. Whilst there were initial reservations to develop the project, the programme is now part of an occupational therapy programme to support service users. The programme is supported by Kent Police, the Oxleas Health Trust and Judo For All, a non-profit organisation developed to support and nurture traditional Japanese judo under the technical guidance from 8th Dan Sampson Sampson and 5th Dan Bob Bushnell. Sergeant Squire is now the tactical supervisor for the new Mental Health Liaison Team for Kent Police and there is optimism and drive that the sport of judo will be adopted by other mental health facilities in Kent, to support service users with recovery and a pathway of support to the community.

Friday, 28 July 2017 20:26

Maccabiah Bronze for Phillip!

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A big congratulations to JFAUK Judoka Phillip Bloom for coming away with a bronze medal in the veterans +100kg category at the 2017 Maccabiah Games in Israel! The Maccabiah Games are the 3rd biggest sporting event in the world behind the Olympics and the FIFA World Cup. This is a fantastic achievement and certainly goes down as one of his career highlights! This is actually Phil''s second Maccabiah medal as he took away a silver in 2013!

Tuesday, 27 June 2017 11:29

Matsuura International Cup 2017

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Team JFAUK have now returned from Thessaloniki, Greece whereby they took a total of 17 medals. 9 Gold, 4 Silver and 4 Bronze. The JFAUK judoka truly shined brightly at this international tournament which drew judoka from various countries across Europe. Well done to all of the team.

Day 1 of the Matsuura international Cup saw the JFAUK Veterans and Special needs judoka step to the tatami. In total JFAUK took away 5 medals from 3 competitors.

Starting the day was Karl Summerbell, competing in the -71kg para-athlete category. Karl stormed through his category, taking the gold comfortably. Due to his fantastic performance and a low number of entries in his category, he was then invited to take part in a category of similar weighted, able-bodied judoka. Karl fought exceptionally well and made it through to the final. In the final, he was up by a Wazari, however was caught by a Greek judoka in the final seconds. Despite this, it was a truly expeditionary achievement.

Next up was Chris Cooper in the Veterans +100kg category. Chris found himself with a gold medal around his neck after executing fantastic kyushindo judo against Greek judoka. Not satisfied with just one gold meal, Chris then entered the open and continued his form, taking on opponent after opponent, executing clean ippon throws to take the gold.

Finally, -79kg Veteran judoka Jason Baird took to the tatami and made his way into the final with swift and precise Ne-Waza techniques. In the final, he narrowly lost by a decision against a Greek judoka, leaving him with a well deserved silver medal. A fantastic day for the team who truly set the standard high for the next days judoka.

On day 2 of the competition, Team JFAUK had a successful day, coming away with 12 medals.

First up was Sam Sampson in the men's -79kg category. Sam defeated Bulgarian and Greek judoka with swift ashi waza and fast ne-waza on his way to the final whereby he scored a wazari against a Greek judoka, later finishing the Greek off with a hold down to secure the gold medal.

Sam Charalambous was up next in the men's -75kg category. Sam started his day off well, defeating a Greek judoka by wazari. Sam unfortunately lost his following fights against a Bulgarian and Greek, leaving him with the Bronze medal. However, redemption was certainly on the cards as Sam Charalambous later entered the open category and managed to execute some superb throws and hold downs in order to take the gold! In addition to this, Sam was later awarded his 2nd Dan due to his technical prowess and string of impressive domestic and international performances, which includes a bronze medal at the CSIT World Sport Games last week!

Following Sam, the JFAUK ladies, Hannah Chesham and Lucia Pascali took to the tatami. Hannah and Lucia both worked their way though their category, both using fantastic ne-waza and big hip throws before meeting one another on the semi-final. Hannah managed to secure the win this time, leaving Lucia with a well deserved bronze medal. Hannah went off to face a Bulgarian judoka in the final, and Hannah spared little time securing a tight juji gatame to take the gold. The ladies weren't finished just yet as they then entered the open category, however both fell short to a much heavier woman, with Hannah taking the silver, and Lucia taking a second bronze.

It was the turn of Ross Elliot next, in the men's -100kg category. Ross made light work of his opponents, executing big throws in his way to the final. In a repeat of the Miyazaki cup final earlier this year, Ross faced the same Greek judoka, however quickly executed a cross grip Osoto Gari to take the gold.

Alex Charalambous stepped back on to the international tatami for the first time in four years next in the men's -68kg category. Alex started his day with a fantastic Uchi Mata before dispatching the rest of his opponents on the way to the final. There, he faced an experienced Greek judoka in a fight that went the distance, however the Greek managed to take the win due to a very close wazari score earlier in the match, leaving Alex with a silver medal.

Alexis Bardini then made his way into the contest area in the men's -71kg category, facing an all Greek pool. Alexis used excellent ne-waza to finish his opponents in order to earn his place in the gold medal match. There, he executed a dynamic cross grip Tai Otoshi to secure his gold medal.

Finally, Adam Brown made his international debut in the men's +100kg category, taking home the gold medal. Not satisfied with just one medal, Adam then entered the Open category and ended up fighting his way to a Bronze medal against experienced opponents.

Overall a truly fantastic two days of competition for team JFAUK, taking away 17 medals from 11 competitors. Well done to all!

Tuesday, 20 June 2017 10:10

CSIT World Sports Games 2017

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Team JFAUK have now returned from Riga, Latvia whereby they were competing in the 2017 CSIT World Sports Games. The team were successful, and managed to come away with two bronze medals; one from Samuel Charalambous in the mens -73kg category and one from Ross Elliot in the mens -100kg category. Sam Sampson finished 5th place in the mens -81kg category, Jason Baird finished 7th, also in the mens -81kg category and Phillip Bloom finished 7th in the mens +100kg category.

The event proved to be extremely tough, with many high level judoka from across the globe taking part.

The event began on Tuesday 13th June whereby the team took part in a large opening parade and ceremony. During this, the team walked through the streets of Riga with the thousands of other competitors before entering the stadium whereby a show took place to mark the start of the games.

On Wednesday 14th June the team were able to make use of the competition dojo to conduct a light training session to warm up their bodies before the big competition day.

On Thursday 15th June, it was time for each judoka to step on the tatami and attempt to add a world medal to their list of credentials! All in all, the team managed to come away with 2 bronze medals out of 6 competitors at a very high level tournament.

Well done to all team members who took part in this tough event. Team JFAUK will be returning to the international scene shortly as they will be off to Greece at the end of June for the 2017 Matsuura International Cup!

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